You Blame Me, But I Blame the Viking…

Our friends at Rustmonster are multi-talented, it seems. And they also appreciate vikings – who, despite popular theory are NOT pirates of the northern seas. Rather, vikings are the result of crossbreeding pirates with knights, and therefore boast the strengths (armor, booze) and weaknesses (heavy armor, excessive booze) of both.

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You asked, and Rustmonster Answers!

I recently received the following question:

I’ve been wondering two things in regards to the brilliant bunch o’ blaggards what call themselves Rust Monster. First: when can we expect to hear the much-anticipated project wherein they collaborated with none other than the great Munky o’ Bilge himself? And second: is there anywhere a pirate might get his hands on an MP3 of their song “Overture?” I’ve been dying to add it to me collection.

-Captain Jack McCool

I forwarded it to the fine folks at Rustmonster, and they’ve responded in spades – not only with a free link to download Overture, but also a video of breakdancing pirates! Oh, and also news regarding my own song, Battlecry of the Preemptive Revengence! Check it all out at:

Rustmonster pirate music » A Request from a Fan.

Rustmonster Talks about Bilgemunky

Rustmonster pirate music » RUSTMONSTER work with Bilgemunky on a new song.

I tell ya, there’s nothing better than when another pirate band/magazine/website chooses to write about me online. Not only does it further inflate my already dangerously overstuffed ego, but it also allows me to link their article and give the impression that I’m actually posting once in a while (and absolutely *not* neglecting this website as I prepare for winter. Seriously, those acorns don’t bury themselves.)

Review: Flight of the Filthy Vicar

Rating: ★★★★☆
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Genre: Pirate Jazz, funk, disco, etc.
Rating: PG
Target Audience: Anyone with a sense of humor and a taste for the odd

With their second album, The Flight of the Filthy Vicar, Rustmonster continues its unique mix of jazz, funk, and experimental to explore pirate matters in a manner which no healthy mind could ever conceive. No fewer than 20 artists lend their creative talents to impress, entertain, and at times befuddle. There is, after all, nothing in this world quite like manly ‘heave ho’s shouted in time with a saxophone, and it’s thus this album begins with its first track, Blood and Bone. It’s a formula that led to astoundingly fun results with their first album, The Last Voyage of the Black Betty, and it works equally well this second time around. Continue reading

Review: The Last Voyage of the Black Betty

Rating: ★★★★½

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Genre: Jazzy, beatnick lounge songs. About pirates.
Rating: PG-13
Target Audience: Late teens to early retirement

It may surprise you to learn, I listen to a LOT of pirate music (far more than I’ve yet reviewed, shamefully.) As such, I’m rarely truly surprised. Impressed, certainly – it’s always a treat to hear a new origninal song, or an exciting new presentation of an old song. And it’s always thrilling to learn of a new pirate-rock or pirate-shantey group picking up the torch and lending their talents to create truly original material. BUT, sometimes it feels like I’ve heard it all. Continue reading