Kraken Rum Poetry

Actually, the term “poetry” might be misapplied here, but poetry was at least the goal of this little project, if not the actual result. Monday’s episode of Bilgemunky Radio included a trivia contest with a grand prize of a fantastic book from Kraken Rum. In order to qualify for the contest, listeners were asked to submit either a limerick or haiku about how much they loved Kraken Rum – without using the words love, rum, or kraken. For your amusement and torture, here are the submissions:

Gimmie that book mate i drink i enjoy i am into i am out of that drinks i need
-Mad Davy Flynt

As you can see, Mad Davy’s submisson was… questionable. I wasn’t even sure if he understood the instructions, and indeed many of his answers to the contest throughout the evening made me suspect alcohol poisoning. Still, Davy’s a good mate, so I enacted “pirate privileged” and let his entry pass.

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