Black Tot Day Has Come Early This Year…

By most calendars, Black Tot Day doesn’t come until July 31st. But this year things are different as I’ve just confirmed that Sea Wynde Rum has indeed been discontinued.

My own relationship with Sea Wynde has been tumultuous. I first tried it shortly before starting and indeed loved it. I tried a bottle some years later and found it over-charred and foul. But in recent years they must have perfected the formula – indeed, my love of it has only grown since last reviewing it in 2007. In recent years Sea Wynde has almost perfectly captured what I feel a “real” rum should be: a powerhouse of rumminess – smooth enough to sip, but still full of life and gunpowder. Much better to my tastes than many of today’s cognac-wannabe “top shelf” sissy rums. Continue reading

Review: Sea Wynde

Rating: ★★★★½
Sea Wynde

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If for nothing else, Sea Wynde rum distinguishes itself with one of the cleverest ways of making a boring, basic wine-type bottle interesting. The metal label is just awsome – like a piece of medieval armor for some sort of dark-ages pirate. But happily, this is hardly the only thing distinctive about this rum.

Sea Wynde is actually quite deceptive – it’s soft amber color give the appearance of a gentle spirit (hey, a double meaning!), but one pop of the cork and a quick sniff later clearly conveys this rum to be anything but. It smells of a stark contrast to itself, almost like a dual personality. On the one hand, the overt sweetness of liquour-like rums is present (such as is common amongst east indian rums, or Ron Zacapa), while there is also a strong sense of pepper. Pepperiness and Sweetness are both common amongst rums, but I generally consider them to be opposite ends of the spectrum, and rarely have I encountered them so overtly present in the same bottle. Continue reading