After Action Report: Southern Pirate Festival 2010

The Brigands, surprisingly, CAN do a family friendly show (when properly bribed).

The beautiful thing about hosting a pirate festival at a museum is that it’s already largely predecorated. Actually, that only works if it’s the right sort of museum – Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, for example, might be a poor fit. But the National Civil War Naval Museum provided a splendid backdrop for 2010 Southern Pirate Festival, which their website accurately described as “One Day of Family Fun & History” followed by “One Night of Debauchery.” Truly, something for everyone! Continue reading

Southern Pirate Festival in Less Than 1 Week!!!

Wow, only a few more days until the Southern Pirate Festival in Columbus, Georgia. This will be my first time visiting this fest, but they have some fine entertainment lined up (plus a stellar Pirate DJ for their Dead Buccaneers Ball.) It’s not too late to make your plans, so book some tix and I’ll see you there!