Review: Pirate Santa

★★★★ ½

Got some pirate younkers in the house that need a proper Christmas tale? The sort that has less to do with Santa, and somewhat more to do with Slappy Claus, a mermaid, and eight tiny tiger sharks?

Much like Jack Skellington before them, the inventors of Talk Like a Pirate Day have set their sights on the Yule-tide season in their quest for total holiday domination. Does it all end in comical disaster as did Nightmare Before Christmas, or are the Pirate Guys savvy enough commandeer the king of all holidays? Continue reading

Studio City Tattoo Launches Shirt Line…

Sweet, check out what my mates at Studio City Tattoo have been up to! SCT Clothing is a new line of t-shirts featuring tattoo-inspired artwork of varying pirate persuasion. Pictured here is the gorgeous Jolly Roger, which is a gloriously sinister skull flanked by crossed cutlasses and pearls – loosely based, I believe, on Studio City Tattoo’s own logo. Check out their website for more – Pearl Diver may well be another pirate favorite, while those wishing to attire themselves beyond the limits of strict piracy might enjoy the likes of Evil Spider or Unicorpse.

Oh, and any readers who mention this website when purchasing their shirt in-store will get a FREE Studio City Tattoo Doubloon, made from real copper and good for $5 off your next tattoo (while supplies last, offer not good for online shirt purchases nor online tattoos.)

Review: Pirate Ring

Rating: ★★★★★
Studio City Tattoo
(this ring found under merchandise, NOT jewelry)

To the starboard side, open gunports reveal the large mouth of a cannon preparing to fire. Just beneath is a second gunport, but this one is shut, the left door splintered from its hinge and hanging askew. The port side mirrors the starboard with its own eager cannon above, and closed gunport below, only this time a skeletal hand emerges from the door as if death itself were about to spring forth. The bow, as should surprise none, features a large grinning skull, his teeth gritted in fury and amusement at once – or perhaps it’s just a bloodlust. He sports an eyepatch and wears a captain’s hat, ostrich plumes cascading down to his cheekbone. This maniacal skull is naturally flanked by twin crossed cutlasses, their grips rough and aged, but their blades gleaming. Behind it all is a backdrop of oaken planks, their dark grain in stark contrast to the silvery jolly roger that glares up at you. And last, to the stern, are an assortment of letters, reading simply “”.

That the above paragraph describes a ring is astounding, but true. Studio City Tattoo – California’s #1 piratey tattoo shop – has long sported their own distinctive Jolly Roger by way of a logo. And Skinny Dog Designs – the very artisans that created many of the Pirates of the Caribbean rings and pendants available at the PotC Rides in the Disney Theme Parks – have brilliantly crafted this logo into a ring that is practically a pirate novel in itself. Continue reading