I’m the PIRATE KING (of my own butt)

I’m all for incorporating pirates into modern fashion, but cripes, could someone finally do it right? (actually a few have, but most?…)

So yeah, here’s a picture of some new One Piece jeans. In case you didn’t notice, they say “Im gonna be the Pirate King!!” across the buttocks. And yes, that’s an exact quote, missing apostrophe and all. Bad grammar and bad fashion all rolled into one.

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“…culprits are not pirates but sea robbers” – Say what now???

The term “pirate” has been – for good or ill – greatly compromised in recent history. Illegal file transfers, copyright violation, and all sorts of other non-piratey things have comfortably settled beneath the umbrella of “piracy.” But this Malaysian article would seem to bring us full circle as it indirectly criticizes folks for properly applying our favorite term to actual pirates. To accuse folks of mistaking “sea robbers” for “pirates” truly strains credulity (see what I did there? Vague PotC quote. Boo-yah!) and makes me wonder if I’ve fallen asleep and woken up in Oppositeland. Or Canada.

Naval commander says culprits are not pirates but sea robbers | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia..