Henry Martin Raids the Stoli!

Henry Martin, esteemed pirate vocalist that can often be heard on such groundbreaking programs as Bilgemunky Radio, has developed a taste, it seems for vodka (gasp!) So much so, in fact, that he’s become one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Stoli Casting Call competition. You can check out his video now:

Now, you’ve seen his fine work, so do you piratey part and vote for the man! Near as I can tell, formal “voting” doesn’t exist, but instead Stoli is looking for the finalist with the biggest show of online support. So engage in the following:

  1. Comment/like/favorite the video onĀ YouTube
  2. Leave a comment/vote for Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson on Stoli’s Facebook Page
  3. Post your vote for Chris Leidenfrost-Wilson to Stoli’s Twitter

That’s it! Let’s show Stoli that we pirates can command the vodka world like we do the rum! Yarrr!!!