Review: Caliche Rum

Rating: ★★★★☆
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calicheA sippable white rum – rare, but not unheard of. But even on the shelf, Caliche stands apart from its pale brethren with its mottled glass bottle, neck wrapped in hemp. It gives a rustic, tropical appearance usually reserved for aged rums, and makes this the only white rum I can think of that indeed looks piratey (a necessity for those of truly distinguished taste.)

While white rums generally equate to un-aged, Caliche is in fact a blend of aged rums using the Solera system. This results in a rather layered flavor profile. To the nose you’re met with fruit, while on tasting a creamy vanilla sensation dominates. The finish lingers and warms with alcohol burn that’s surprisingly gentle yet persistent.

Caliche is a class act, no doubt. It’s quite excellent straight up, and when sipped in moderation is damn near refreshing (not a quality I generally equate with rum.)

Something to be Thankful For: Surprise Rum!

IMG 1642All right, I admit I’ve been derelict in my Bilgemunky duties of late. Life happened, and I’ve been pretty well immersed in non-piratey endeavors of late. But hey, look what just showed up at my doorstep! RUM!!! Nothing says, “wake the hell up and say something Bilgemunkyish” like an unexpected visit from rum.

Normally a white rum wouldn’t get me so excited, although there have certainly been exceptions. And this appears to be one of them. It’s called Caliche Rum, it’s aged up to four years, and it looks pretty awesome. Can’t wait to break it open (but I should at least wait until after lunch.)

Review: Rogue Spirits White

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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I don’t generally take to white rums – and why would I? Dark rums, at best with their heady musk, oaky molassesy kick, and all-round manliness are pretty much nature’s perfect drink. White rums, on the other hand, are quite often flavorless, astringent, and at most suitable as mixers. But once in a while a decent white rum comes along, such as Rogue Spirits’ White.

The second half of their two-part line, the first being the Blackbeard-labeled Rogue Dark, the white rum features its own pirate on its face, this time being none other than Jean Lafitte (perhaps the least piratey-looking of all pirates, but we’ll forgive him because he was otherwise pretty awesome.) In the bottle, this rum is what most any other white rum would be – clear as water and indistinguishable from vodka, gin, or rubbing alcohol. Continue reading

Review: New Orleans Cane

Rating: ★★★½☆
Cane Rum

Who the hell drinks white rum straight? Yeah, I asked that same question while standing in the lobby of Cane Rum as our guide poured me a glass of their premium white rum. I was a bit scared to take my first sip, as I can’t imagine anything fouler than swigging the likes of Bacardi Silver neat. Much to my surprise, Cane proved highly sippable. It smells much like any other white rum – light and alchoholly. But the taste is something quite different – not at all like I’d expect from a white rum.

I could best equate it to an extra crisp white wine, with a sharp kick playing backup. It even has a bit of fruitiness hidden in there, making for a rum experience that is truly unique. When I first tried it I was in the company of my wife and sister-in-law – neither a rum drinker. But they both found Cane very agreeable (my sister-in-law even snagged a bottle for herself.) It’s not widely distributed, but if you have the opportunity to snag a bottle or two, I highly recommend doing so.