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The Flying Dutchman Award for Outstanding Pirattitude is named such in honor of the first recipient, the American Pirate Association. Hailing from Holland, Michigan (Holland = Dutch. Get it?), the exploits of this noble group of young hooligans got Bilgemunky thinking, "Gee, someone should give these guys a medal!" Not seeing either the Pentagon or the Nobel Peace Association stepping up to the plate, Bilgemunky decided to try his hand at casting pewter on his kitchen stove. After only a few superficial burns and a lot of ruined pewter, the Flying Dutchman Medal was born.

Feeling this award would be more meaningful with a larger segment of the pirate community behind it, Bilgemunky contacted Chumbucket, of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Knowing a good idea when he saw it, Chumbucket eagerly agreed to endorse the award, and even contributed some Talk Like a Pirate merchandise for the recipients.

It wasn't long before several other pirate-themed businesses also offered their support (and their booty,) and the prize package quickly grew into a small treasure heap.

Though created to honor the American Pirate Association, it is hoped that there may be future recipients of the Flying Dutchman Award for Outstanding Pirattitude from time to time as more members of the pirate community find ways to get into trouble and make amusing headlines. Time will tell...