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In addition to a most lovely medal and certificate (suitable for framing,) the winner of The Flying Dutchman Award also received a generous prize package, made possible by the generous donations of several pirate vendors and artists.

This year's Flying Dutchman Prize Package consists of:

  • A One-Year Subscription to No Quarter Given - Editor Jamaica Rose was kind enough to provide our winner with a full year's worth of piratey goodness.
  • A Ben Gunn Society CD - The Ben Gunn Society provided a copy of their wonderful CD, to help spread their message of piracy and cheese.
  • Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy of Talk Like a Pirate Day contributed one of their chic t-shirts, along with a copy of their new book, "Pirattitude!" - essential reading for every bloodthirsty scalliwag (or at least for anyone that wishes to talk like a bloodthirsty scalliwag.)
  • A Certificate Good For Half-off a Hat from Captain Jack's Pirate Hats - because no pirate is complete without a proper lid for his noggin, and these weatherproofed beauties fit the bill like none other.
  • A $100 Gift Certificate from Dress Like a - Because a Pirate Captain must dress in style.
  • A $50 Gift Certificate from PirateMod - So that even when in relaxed attire, the Pirate Captain can still exude proper pirattitude.
  • The folks at Skallywaggs donated one of their new card games - Being the only pirate game that lets you build up your crew, then dismember them and replace their parts with those of your enemy.
  • A copy of Plunder was contributed by Lauging Pan Productions - So the Captain may brave the seas and plunder his heart out, even when cooped inside during a rainy day.
  • Our good friends at Pirate's Alley Rum Cakes generously offered to send a fresh care package of their rum-based goodness, but being as they're in the New Orleans area and the Hurricane Katrina aftermath is only getting warmed up, they were unable to send it as yet. I don't know how hard Pirate's Alley was hit, and it may well be they have far bigger issues on their plate than shipping out rum cakes. Until we know otherwise, our hopes go out to them!
  • And lastly, the prize package included a T-shirt, not yet available in stores! (but keep your eyes peeled!)

I'd like to extend a heartfelt "thankyou" to everyone that contributed to this fantastic package, and ask everyone visiting this page to keep them in mind the next time you're shopping for pirate booty :)