The Winner - The Award - The Medal - The Prize Package, in coordination with,
is pleased as rum-punch to announce the winner of the second

Flying Dutchman Award for Outstanding Pirattitude

We are pleased to present this award to

The Pirate Captain

of North Carolina State University, for going above and beyond the call of piracy, fostering a sense of mutinous villainy coupled with warm-fuzzy feelings throughout his community.

The proud recipient of the Flying Dutchan will be presented with a hand-crafted pewter medallion featuring the Bilgemunky Jolly Roger, along with a special prize package compiled through the generous donations of many fine pirate businesses, including Laughing Pan Productions,, Pirate's Alley Rum Cakes, The Ben Gunn Society, Captain Jack's Pirate Hats, PirateMod, Skallywaggs, No Quarter Given, and the Pirate Guys.